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Let’s face it: shipping a vehicle is stressful. You put your primary means of transportation in someone else’s hands and you can only hope they’ll take good careof it. We understand that and we’re here for you. Whether you’re moving across country, visiting family or finally purchasing your dream car from out of state, we arethe answer to all your questions. Let us show you the ins and outs of the perfect car shipping experience.




Your quote is literally one click away

Simply put in your car shipping information and watch the magic happen by hitting Get a Free Quote Now.  If you prefer person-to-person communication, (we definitely do!) start a chat with one of our friendly team members or call us at (305) 300-1083. 


Once your quote is finalized, you can book your order by clicking the link on the page quote, or by providing the full details to the PROPER AUTO TRANSPORT representative you’re speaking to via phone or live chat. We’ll get to work immediately and start scheduling your delivery. 

The best part? You won’t be charged a dollar before a driver has been assigned to pick up your car. For more information on pricing and methods of payment, talk to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!




We make car shipping as punctual as possible! Dates and transit times vary, but we aim to set the right expectations and live up to them. There is no universal car- shipping guide when it comes to time windows but here’s a rule of thumb: we pick up a vehicle 1 to 5 business days starting with the first day you make it available (oras we call it in the car shipping industry, your First Available Date (FAD). That being said, we generally manage to locate a driver within a day or two. 

Anyone can release your vehicle for you as long as they’re over 18; no paper work orspecial authorization is required. The trucker will get in touch with the point of contact beforehand to schedule convenient time and place. Once the driver is at the pickup location, they’ll do a thorough inspection of the car and mark its condition on the inspection document called the Bill of Lading. Drivers are the ones responsible for always bringing a copy so you don’t have to worry about this.




We already mentioned that car-shipping logistics are stressful. The best way we minimize that effect on you? Keeping you updated! Our drivers make sure to communicate directly and schedule delivery times that work best for you. Once yourvehicle is dispatched, you get a confirmation email containing the driver’s name andphone number. This means you can call him/her at any point with any questions or concerns. Isn’t that great? 

Once your car is in front of you, inspect it, sign the Bill of Lading and relax. You did it. We did it.

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